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Background Project and Member Information

This folder contains a summary description of the Energy Forecasts project funded by the Appalachian LCC in FY11-12. You will also find other background information related to this project, including a copy of the original Request for Applications, a Charter for the Technical Oversight Team, a list of Team members, and a project schedule.

Feb 2012 RFA for Energy Forecast Project

Request for Applications for the Energy Forecasts Project.

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Full Proposal: Assessing Future Energy Development Across the Appalachian Mountains

Scientists will employ land use change build-out scenaria for future energy development demand to quantify future impacts on forest habitats across the Appalachian LCC. We propose to create maps of wind, oil and gas, and coal development potential for the entire study area and use these maps and published projections from federal and state land management agencies to model future build-out scenaria.

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