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About the Working Lands for Wildlife Workspace

A large and diverse group of partners and partnerships are collaborating to effect conservation across large working landscapes — balancing economic goals and ecological needs in rural communities.

This workspace will support conservation of working landscapes, focusing largely on Farm Bill conservation programs managed by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and its Working Lands for Wildlife partners.

The workspace allows for:

Technology transfer between NRCS and its large spectrum of Working Lands for Wildlife partners and initiatives

Back-and-forth sharing of learning materials, applied science, and field insights among professional biologists, foresters, and other experts and between NRCS and other professionals

The strength of the Workspace is that it allows for better collaboration and information sharing across initiatives. In addition, we also support private workspaces for each individual initiative to share and edit draft documents, preliminary data, sensitive materials, and other information not intended for wider distribution.