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Climate Change Vulnerability Technical Oversight Team

This is a private Work Space for invited experts to participate in management of the Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment project funded by the Appalachian LCC in FY11/12. The vendor, NatureServe, will report quarterly with updates, process details, any issues, interim products, and eventually final deliverables. It will be the role of this group to carefully review each submission, discuss status and content with other members, make suggestions for improvements, and assist LCC staff in ensuring that the final product is a high quality one. All folders and content within this Work Space can only be seen by registered members of the group; however, appropriate content will be made public on this website once approved by the Team.


If you need assistance working in the group

How to add TOT comments

Complete Folder Content

To add or view private content, login and click on links in the table below:

Title Description
Deliverables for Review Data and products from the Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment funded research.
Background Project and Member Information This folder contains a summary description of the Climate Change Vulnerability project funded by the Appalachian LCC in FY11-12. You will also find other backgr...
Quarterly Reports & Reviews All quarterly reporting materials from the vendor as well as reviews submitted by Technical Oversight Team members.
Calendar Private Calendar for the Climate Change Vulnerability Team
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