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General User Support

How to Participate in the Portal

Instructions on portal participation and conditions of web portal membership.

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Getting Started: How To Add Content to the Portal

Instructions for adding content to the portal including: a general overview; pages; news items; links; files; events; collections; and discussions.

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State: Who can see your content?

Description of the private, public draft, and published 'state' of content on the portal.

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How to Use Advanced Search

Instructions for using Plone's Advanced Search.

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Versioning and Check Out/Check In

How to view the version and history of an item, compare versions, preview previous versions, check out/check in versions and revert to previous versions.

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Using and Adding Collections

How to add collections in the portal.

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How to Save a Screenshot of a Webpage

If you need to save a Web page for later reference, a screenshot will capture the current appearance of the website and allow you to save it as an image. Screenshots are digital images of what you view on your monitor. Both Windows and Macintosh computers have the ability to capture and save screenshots. Macintosh operating systems automatically save the screenshot, while Windows operating systems place the image onto the clipboard so it can be edited through image editing software.

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How to Use Google Docs Integration

This document explains how to use the Google Docs integration inside of the Landscape Partnership website.

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