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Christopher Frye

Frye, Christopher

I have broad interests in the fields of plant systematics and conservation genetics. Recent work includes co-authoring the revision and taxonomic treatment of Amelanchier (shadbush) for Flora North America (upcoming in volume 9) and analysis of spatial genetic structure in Maryland and West Virginia populations of Harperella nodosa (Harperella). My current research focuses on the evolutionary ecology of Trifolium virginicum (Kates Mountain Clover), a plant species endemic to the central Appalachians. In this work I am focusing on determining the parameters of the mating system and evaluating the fitness of experimental pollination crosses over distance, population size and landscape connectivity in order to best determine appropriate management and restoration activities.


Terrestrial Plants - Rare or endemic Early successional forest Disturbance-dependent communities (e.g., fire-dependent forests, etc.) Population biology and demographics (incl. biometrics/biostatistics) Population genetics and systematics Spatial Modeling (connectivity, reserve selection, landscape permeability) Ozark/Ouachita-Appalachian Forests