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Freshwater Mollusks

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This workspace was created to help facilitate collaboration and cooperation among all groups and individuals that are engaged in the conservation, the commercial use, and the study of freshwater mollusks, Appalachia’s most imperiled animals. All folders and content within this Work Space are private and can only be seen by registered members of the group. Membership in this workspace is open to anyone interested in freshwater mollusks who supports the stated purposes of this group, which are as follows: 1) Advocate conservation of freshwater molluscan resources, 2) Serve as a conduit for information about freshwater mollusks, 3) Promote science-based management of freshwater mollusks, and 4) Promote and facilitate education and awareness about freshwater mollusks and their function in freshwater ecosystems. If you wish to participate in active discussions and information sharing, you can join this COP by clicking on the "Join a Group" button on the top right.


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Complete Folder Content

To add or view content in the Freshwater Mollusks Team Work Space, click on links in the table below:

Title Description
Science and Research Contains documents developed by the group to 1) identify science and research needs for the conservation of freshwater mollusks and their habitats, 2) identify ...
Managements Plans Houses documents that increase the group’s knowledge of strategic planning for the conservation of freshwater mollusks. For example, this folder will contain...
Communication and News Contains outreach documents/messages/presentations that are geared toward educating people on the biology of freshwater mollusks, and are aimed at increasing aw...
Calendar List of upcoming events, meetings, and calls AppLCC staff are participating in.
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