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You are here: Home / Projects / Connecticut River Watershed Pilot / Connecticut River Pilot Core Team / Connecticut River Pilot - FWS Members Meeting 01-15-2014

Connecticut River Pilot - FWS Members Meeting 01-15-2014

Agenda - Connecticut River Pilot Preliminary Meeting 01-15-2014

Agenda, handouts and presentations for Jan 15th Connecticut River Pilot FWS employee meeting in Hadley, Massachusetts from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

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Document: Action Items and Meeting Notes 01-15-2014

Action items from preliminary Connecticut River Pilot meeting and notes from the day.

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Document: Summary points from the USFWS Connecticut River Coordinator 1-15-14

Summary points from the USFWS Connecticut River Coordinator/Executive Assistant to the Connecticut River Atlantic Salmon Commission (CRASC), Ken Sprankle. Presented at LCC Connecticut River Pilot Meeting, 01-15-14.

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Document: Representative species being modeled in CT River Watershed

At 2011 workshops in each of the three sub-regions, Service scientists and other experts selected a total of 87 terrestrial and wetland representative species. This table lists the representative species that occur in the Connecticut River Watershed for which habitat models are being developed through the Designing Sustainable Landscapes project, including the 13 species that are due to be completed first. The table includes associated habitats and examples of the species they are intended to represent.

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