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Urban Conservation

People are moving into cities at a greater rate than ever before. This makes urban conservation a crucially important endeavor in order to make nature and natural resource issues relevant to a growing part of the population. Many agencies and organizations are working in urban environments to preserve green spaces, enhance awareness of urban conservation issues, and create sustainable solutions to make cities more livable. This section focuses on areas and opportunities available to cities to experience nature first-hand in the unique places within and surrounding our ever-expanding urban communities. It also highlights approaches to engage urban populations in exploring the wonders of nature found in and around cities and towns. Check out a variety of resources, activities, and other information related to urban conservation.

Urban Woodlands Conservation and Restoration

Urban Woodland Workshop participants include representatives from the National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, Appalachian LCC, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, New York City Parks, New York Botanical Garden, University of Maryland, and Rutgers University. The goal is to identify and create opportunities for greater collaboration among urban woodland managers and researchers to connect and to share data and information.

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