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Training Resources Collection


Education and training equips professionals to conduct wildland fire management safely and effectively, and ensures they are up to date on the latest information, research, regulations, and policies. A variety of wildland fire training resources are available from state and federal agencies, the Cooperative Extension Service, universities, and other entities.

In addition, note that the Wildland Fire site contains links within Training Resources to Online Training Modules and by selecting the button on the right you can review free services provided by the portal managers and request event logistics or other assistance including your own private workspace for event planning.

The Landscape Partnership homepage also has a tab for Landscape Partnership Training where you can find learning materials on broader conservation topics in addition to Wildland Fire.

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Land managers learn about duff moisture during a wildland fire workshop in North Carolina. Credit: Jennifer Fawcett

Land managers learn about duff moisture during a wildland fire workshop in North Carolina. Credit: Jennifer Fawcett

Planning Training Events

If you are planning a training event, the following resources may be helpful to ensure your event is successful.

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Videos, podcasts, multimedia

Browse training resources that you can watch, listen to, and explore online about wildland fire and prescribed burning

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Publications, fact sheets, training materials

Published training materials, including reports and fact sheets, on wildland fire and prescribed burning

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Prescribed Burning and Burn Plans

Burn plans are critical to mitigate risks and properly prepare for prescribed burning. Browse templates and example burn plans here.

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Online Training Resources

Training Resources contains myriad online training materials for fire practitioners and others to build their skills and understanding of many subject areas as well as resources available for wildland fire professionals not included in a formal training course or module.

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Landscape Partnership Learning Network: A Virtual training Center

The LP Learning Network hosts virtual courses that support landscape-level conservation. Through these trainings, practitioners and landowners can learn about decision-support tools, science-led conservation techniques, research applications in the field, and ways to improve landscapes in partnership with other stakeholders. The LP Learning Network is an expansion and continuation of Science Applications. Learn more about the Landscape Partnership at

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