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Prescribed burning is applying controlled fire to a predetermined area of land.
A short storymap that follows how one farm in Delaware was able to sustain active farmland and create new habitat for waterfowl like the American Black Duck ...
Introducing Habitat Restoration for Black Duck
An intro video for landowners, farmers, and others to learn about ways to increase habitat for the American Black Duck in partnership with NRCS and the ...
General/Terrestrial Ranking Guidance (GA example)
Whether a NRCS state has ranking fund pools or guidance that is bobwhite specific varies, many simply have a terrestrial ranking/funding pool. This is an ...
338-Prescribed Burning
338-Prescribed Burning. This job sheet has been modified for Bobwhite Quail management in the Southeastern United States. Caution: Prescribed burning should be ...
666-Forest Stand Improvement for Bobwhite Quail
666- Forest Stand Improvement. This job sheet has been modified specifically for the management of Bobwhite Quail and other early successional species in the ...
647 Early Successional Habitat Management
674 Early Successional Habitat Management Job Sheet. This job sheet was modified for Bobwhite management in the Southeastern United States.
314-Brush Management: Quail (GA and SE example)
314- Brush Management Practice. This job sheet has been specifically modified for Northern Bobwhite in the Southeastern United States.
645 Covey Headquarters Planning Job Sheet (MO example)
645 Quail Covey Headquarters Planning example from Missouri NRCS
A Natural Treasure: Florida's Sandhills & Grasslands
Learn how local and state partners with USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service have permanently protected a pristine sandhill grassland ecosystem in ...
Logging Truck North Carolina
The Golden-winged warbler needs "young forest" habitat for nesting created by doing a selective harvest that can restore forest health and improve habitat for ...
Join pasture specialists, local graziers, and NRCS staff to discuss the Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) on Grazing Lands and the benefits of establishing ...
Winter Grazing - a Better Way to Feed
In this video, three livestock producers describe how extending the grazing season with winter grasses has saved them time and money, while also improving the ...
The Southeast LEO Geodatabase is a project to develop a comprehensive map database of documented longleaf pine locations and ecological conditions across the ...
Maryland Shallow Water Area Fact Sheet
The state of Maryland NRCS fact sheet for shallow water areas, a common practice used in creating or restoring habitat for waterfowl use.
FY21 WLFW-Northern bobwhite Map
This map was current as of FY21 for NRCS WLFW-Northern bobwhite but will be updated for FY22 based on the NRCS state offices that opted into the partnership ...
Filter Strips-Wildlife (IL)
Job sheet
Prescribed Grazing-CSP (AR)
Job sheet
Silvopasture Establishment in Pine (AL)
Job sheet
USDA Seeks Innovative Partner-led Projects Delivering Sustainable Agricultural Solutions
WASHINGTON, March 16, 2021 – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is seeking proposals to fund up to $75 million in new, unique projects under the ...
The Rangeland Analysis Platform (RAP) is an interactive web application designed to assist in managing and monitoring America’s valuable rangelands. This free ...
USDA Invests $28 Million in New Projects to Help Restore Lost Wetland Functions, Benefits on Agricultural Landscapes
WASHINGTON, March 15, 2021 – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is investing $28 million in six new Wetland Reserve Enhancement Partnership (WREP) ...
This working lands webinar will educate landowners and natural resource professionals on working lands conservation programs intended to benefit wildlife ...
The role of landowners as stewards of private lands and the public benefits derived from them is paramount. Most often successful land stewardship begins when ...
The role of landowners as stewards of private lands and the public benefits derived from them is paramount. Most often successful land stewardship begins when ...
Conservation Choices for Wildlife: Golden-winged Warbler and Other Forest-dependent Species
This guide outlines seven key conservation practices recommended to forest landowners who want to sustainably manage forests to benefit wildlife and forest ...
New Frameworks Guide Conservation Action
WASHINGTON, April 6, 2021 – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is unveiling new action-based frameworks to increase conservation work to address threats ...
Hedgerow Planting for Wildlife & Pollinators (KY)
Job sheet
Field Borders-Wildlife (IL)
Job sheet
Residue & Tillage Management for Wildlife (KY)
Job sheet
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