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Planning Team Discussion Materials

Appalachian Conservation Partners Meeting - Dec 2017

AppLCC Annual Report 2016-17

  • 0 - Letter from our Leadership
  • 1-1 Overview
  • 1-2 Supporting Networks
  • 1-3 Delivering the Science
  • 1-4 Integrating Society and Culture
  • 1-5 On-going Training Opportunities
  • 2 - Highlights: Year in Review
  • 3 - News of Note
  • 4a-c - Appendix
    • 4a.  [SCIENCE]  Our Journey, Our Investments
    • 4b.  [PARTNERSHIP]  Cooperative Members Develop Major Goals and Objectives of Next 5-Year Work Plan
    • 4c.  [REVIEW]  Lessons Learned for Regional Conservation

Reference: Statement of Commitment - The Clinch Powell Example

Archival Materials for Planning Team: Content List


YEAR: 2017 In-person Appalachian Conservation Partners Meeting, NCTC Dec 4th(social), 5th-6th.  Focus: Review and "Re-imagining the Partnership" ...Next Steps

  • [ADMIN] Dec Meeting Materials under development by the meeting planning team - (overview - to enable travel authorization requests to be prepared)
      • v3-draft Agenda [Nov-03] (following JB, MB disc with Facilitator-RM)
      • v2-draft Agenda [Nov-02] (rev) BEC, BJ,
      • v1_draft Agenda [Oct 38] (rev) GwenB - sent along to planning team

  • [GOALS & OBJECTIVES] -- reflect Partnership priorities, (draft 2nd 5-Year Work Plan), (+review Governance)
    • Summary Elements [1st 5-YEAR WORK PLAN 2012-2017] Prep

    • RESEARCH -- Funded Projects & Products [2012-2017] Achievements
      • Fact Sheets
        • General AppLCC
    • [Tools Cafe set-up] to get everyone up to speed/remind on AppLCC funded reseasrch products -- proposed for Jun, then Oct, meeting.  Converted to recorded videos for Dec meeting
        • Gillian Bee - (originally recorded for TRB Network Meeting) "General Overview of AppLCC tools and resources (excluding the final LCD)
        • Jean Brennan - (originally recorded as part of in-person meeting, FWS + FS meeting in Western KY (part of Clarks River and TN Complex Wildlife Refuge Partners Leadership Team meeting) -- "Landscape Conservation Design and 'NatureScape' tool suite"

    • YEAR 2016 - Meeting - asked Partners to indicate the various ways they feel their organization (or individually) can offer as part of their commitment and contribution to the Partnership
    • Statement of Commitment {Planning Team Discussion Item}
      • ex. AppLCC staff prepared draft for the TRB Network - modeled after the Clinch-Powell Initiative

Previous Surveys  of the Partners -- want, priorities -- value of partnership


YEAR: 2016 FOCUS 2016 - consider "next steps" ...reflects a review of the accomplishments of the AppLCC -- as directed under the 1st 5-Year Work Plan & Science Needs Portfolio with consultations of partners, researchers, and experts at every major decision node.  Survey Instrument: on-line survey to all Steering Committee members and key partners (N=51. 98% return).  "Delivering the Science to the Partners" & "Engage Partners to Craft a Sustainably Funded Partnership"


YEAR: 2012 FOCUS of 2102 - on Developing the 1st 5-Year Work Plan (characterize this as "Building the (LCC) Institution of the Partnership" & "Funding Needed Science -- information and Tools)


YEAR: 2012: Staff designed On-line Survey -- open to all -- posted on website

AppLCC 5-Year WorkPlans (stated Goals, Objectives, Priorities, Timelines)


OVERVIEW -- Showing the (Goals & Objectives) Results Framework


YEAR: 2016: Preparing to draft 2nd 5-YEAR WORK PLAN; (2018-2022) -- working GOALS & OBJECTIVES

  • Review of earlier G&O (foundation of the 1st 5-Year Work Plan) -- File: C_Mgmt_WP _v2016-04-30_x2 --- Location: 2017-Dec_2012_BackgroundMaterials --- [pdf of PPT]


Year 2012: Materials Prepared by Groups Solutions to Capture the Institutional Foundation (Partnership Values)

Reference Materials -- from Previous In-Person Meeting


YEAR: 2016 Blacksburg Meeting Agenda: HO-00_Agenda


YEAR: 2012 Background research or Meeting: snap-shot of areas of work and gaps (potential of LCCs)

    • Background: Partner Organizations & Initiatives

Research: Science Needs Portfolio


RESEARCH: Science Needs Portfolio -- plus Prep + Background Info

GOVERNANCE: Charter, Organizational Structure, Partner Decisions





REFERENCES: Partnerships, Networks, Social Networks


BACKGROUND on Formation of LCCs & LCC Network

BACKGROUND: Landscape-scale Conservation Planning