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Spatial Data and Maps

Discover all the data sets and maps available on Landscape Partnership as well as how to request other data-related services.

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Landscape Partnership Datasets

The Landscape Partnership is serving up curated and georeferenced spatial data for partners working in our geography. Some data is already available from completion of funded research projects while other datasets will be coming online shortly. Newly developed and customized decision-support tools like the The Riparian Restoration to Promote Climate Change Resilience Tool is served up using an open-source

Conservation Design GIS Portal

The Landscape Partnership science-based mapping and analysis platform is designed to support the conservation community and their diverse needs to view, create, and analyze spatial data and maps. This platform provides access to a suite of scientific data that is relevant to a variety of conservation planning tasks including the execution of custom designed decision support tools.

North Atlantic Spatial Data

How to Find Data and Make A Request

The LCC is dedicated to providing data, resources, and science to partners throughout our geography. Our GeoNode Server is the primary platform for data modeling, visualization, and creating and saving maps. We are also supporting more advanced data manipulation for those wishing to use data in a desktop GIS environment.

Landscape Partnership and Partner Data Access

A dynamic index of data available on the Landscape Partnership Cloud.

Public Data Repositories

Provides direct downloads of spatial data for typical use inside a desktop GIS environment.

Species and Habitat Association List

Compilation of species and babitat within the Landscape Partnerhsip boundary range using state and federal lists.