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You are here: Home Cooperative Our Plan Section 1: Biodiversity and Conservation Challenges Across the Appalachian Region State Agencies and Climate Change Planning

State Agencies and Climate Change Planning

State Wildlife Action Plans prepared by natural resource agencies describe monitoring species and their habitats, monitoring the effectiveness of the conservation actions proposed, and adapting these conservation actions to respond appropriately to new information or changing conditions, including climate change. Other agencies at the state and federal level have also identified a need to plan strategically for climate change. The following states had published climate change plans or reports at the time of publication of the Appalachian Development and Operations Plan.



Climate Change Plan Information


  • Policy Planning to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Alabama (1997)


  • Illinois Climate Change Advisory Group: Final Recommendations to the Governor (2005)
  • A Climate Action Plan (2010)


  • Kentucky Climate Action Plan Council (2010)


  • Plan for Reducing Maryland's Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 25% by 2020 (2010)
  • Climate Action Plan/Interim Report (2008)
  • Maryland Commission on Climate Change Adaptation and Response Working Group (2008)

North Carolina

  • Climate Action Plan completed (2007)


  • Pennsylvania: Final Climate Change Action Plan (2009)

South Carolina

  • Climate, Energy, and Commerce Action Plan (2008)


  • Tennessee Greenhouse Gas Emissions Mitigation Strategies (1999)


  • Climate Change Strategy for Wildlife (2009)

Southeastern U.S.

  • U.S. Global Climate Change Research Program Regional Climate Impacts: Southeast (2007)