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Click  the button on the right site to add an Organization. Include a logo plus 2-3 sentences on each major partner but don’t create new content if they are already in Landscape Partnerships Partner list. Organization must be tagged (Categorization tab) "Bog Turtles"  to appear in this list.

Amphibian and Reptile Conservancy

ARC saves herps through a strategic, scientific, and passionate approach that allows us to make a real difference. We implement localized, regional, species-based PARCAs (Priority Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Areas) and weave them together across the country into a national strategy capable of making great impact. We practice Transformative Science with the urgency required to save those species and ecosystems at greatest risk.

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Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey

Keeping New Jersey's Wildlife in our Future

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CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection advances the conservation, use, and appreciation of Connecticut’s wildlife resources.

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Defenders of Wildlife

Defenders works on the ground, in the courts, and on Capitol Hill to protect and restore imperiled wildlife across North America and around the world. Together, we can ensure a future for the wildlife and wild places we all love.

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Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife

The Division of Fish & Wildlife conserves and manages Delaware’s fish and wildlife and their habitats, and provides fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing and boating access on nearly 65,000 acres of public land.

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Since 1981 Hudsonia has conducted environmental research, education, training and technical assistance to protect the natural heritage of the Hudson Valley and neighboring regions. A non-advocacy organization, Hudsonia serves as a neutral voice in the challenging process of land use decision making. Our work includes education, basic and applied research on rare species and their habitats, wetlands and estuaries, and the study of invasive plants and other threats to biodiversity.

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Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Natural Heritage Program

Since 1979, the Maryland Natural Heritage Program (MD NHP) has been the lead state agency responsible for protecting and managing nongame, rare, threatened, and endangered species and their habitats in Maryland.

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MassWildlife's Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program

Massachusetts' Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program is responsible for the conservation and protection of hundreds of species that are not hunted, fished, trapped, or commercially harvested in the state, as well as the protection of the natural communities that make up their habitats.

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Mid-Atlantic Center for Herpetology and Conservation

MACHAC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation and study of amphibians and reptiles through advocacy, education, and execution of research by professional herpetologists and ecologists in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States.

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National Audubon Society

Audubon’s Mission: To conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity. For more than a century, Audubon has built a legacy of conservation success by mobilizing the strength of its network of members, Chapters, Audubon Centers, state offices and dedicated professional staff to connect people with nature and the power to protect it.

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National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF)

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) is dedicated to sustaining, restoring and enhancing the nation’s fish, wildlife, plants and habitats for current and future generations. NFWF remains dedicated to our mission, partners and staff during Coronavirus. We felt it important to take a minute to update you on the actions taken at NFWF and to make certain you know that our lines of communication are open as we all face this global life-changing challenge.

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New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife

The N.J. Division of Fish and Wildlife is a professional environmental agency dedicated to the protection, management and wise use of New Jersey's fish and wildlife resources.

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New Jersey's Endangered & Nongame Species Program

The Endangered and Nongame Species Program's (ENSP) mission is to actively conserve New Jersey's biological diversity by maintaining and enhancing endangered, threatened and nongame wildlife populations within healthy, functioning ecosystems.

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New York Department of Environmental Conservation

The mission of the department is to conserve, improve and protect New York's natural resources and environment and to prevent, abate and control water, land and air pollution, in order to enhance the health, safety and welfare of the people of the state and their overall economic and social well-being. DEC's goal is to achieve this mission through the simultaneous pursuit of environmental quality, public health, economic prosperity and social well-being, including environmental justice and the empowerment of individuals to participate in environmental decisions that affect their lives.

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New York Natural Heritage Program

The NY Natural Heritage Program facilitates the conservation of New York’s biodiversity by providing comprehensive information and scientific expertise on rare species and natural ecosystems to resource managers and other conservation partners. We are a program of the State University of New York College Environmental Science and Forestry that is funded primarily by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and its partners.

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North Carolina Herpetological Society

The North Carolina Herpetological Society was founded in 1978 by a small group of individuals with a mutual interest in North Carolina herpetology.

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North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is the state government agency that sustains the state’s fish and wildlife resources through research, scientific management, wise use, and public input. The Commission is the regulatory agency responsible for the enforcement of the state's fishing, hunting, trapping, and boating laws.

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Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission provides fishing and boating opportunities through the protection and management of aquatic resources. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission is an independent Commonwealth agency comprised of 10 Commissioners appointed by the Governor and approved by the Legislature.

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Project Bog Turtle

Project Bog Turtle, established in 1995, is a conservation initiative of the North Carolina Herpetological Society. Tom Thorp (Three Lakes Nature Center and Aquarium, Richmond, VA) is currently the chair and is assisted by Ann B. Somers (UNC-Greensboro, Greensboro, NC). The original project was originated in the late 1970s by Dennis Herman as a continuation of a bog turtle distribution survey, initiated by Robert T. Zappalorti (Herpetological Associates, Inc.), in southwestern North Carolina and expanded to include other southern states to locate new sites and populations of bog turtles. Most of the work, however, was conducted in North Carolina. The project involved population density studies in several sites and a captive propagation and head-start program at the Atlanta Zoological Park (now Zoo Atlanta). It was evident, as the project progressed, that additional personnel and assistance from various state, federal, and private agencies would be needed.

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Susquehannock Wildlife Society

Susquehannock Wildlife Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to protecting our native wildlife and its habitat in and surrounding the lower Susquehanna River basin through rescue, research, education, and conservation.

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