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More Quail Per Bale: Precision Conservation for a More Sustainable Future
How farming and quail management can be compatible on working lands.
338-Prescribed Burning
338-Prescribed Burning. This job sheet has been modified for Bobwhite Quail management in the Southeastern United States. Caution: Prescribed burning should be ...
666-Forest Stand Improvement for Bobwhite Quail
666- Forest Stand Improvement. This job sheet has been modified specifically for the management of Bobwhite Quail and other early successional species in the ...
647 Early Successional Habitat Management
674 Early Successional Habitat Management Job Sheet. This job sheet was modified for Bobwhite management in the Southeastern United States.
314-Brush Management: Quail (GA and SE example)
314- Brush Management Practice. This job sheet has been specifically modified for Northern Bobwhite in the Southeastern United States.
645 Covey Headquarters Planning Job Sheet (MO example)
645 Quail Covey Headquarters Planning example from Missouri NRCS
Attack One Burn Crew Georgia 2018
Prescribed burns used to manage habitat for bobwhite, gopher tortoise.
Landowner Before Site Burn Florida
Prescribed burns used to manage habitat for bobwhite, gopher tortoise.
Prescribed Burn-Here It Comes!
Prescribed burns used to manage habitat for bobwhite, gopher tortoise.
Prescribed Burn Path
Prescribed burns used to manage habitat for bobwhite, gopher tortoise.
Prescribed Fire
Prescribed burns used to manage habitat for bobwhite, gopher tortoise.
Join pasture specialists, local graziers, and NRCS staff to discuss the Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) on Grazing Lands and the benefits of establishing ...
The Native Grass College offers short videos and resources for practitioner and landowners to learn how to 1) Establish Native Grasses, 2) Control Grass ...
Virtual tour: Native Warm Season Grass Grazing
Join a tour of pasture lands that use native warm season grasses to provide good grazing for livestock and invaluable habitat, food, and shelter for native ...
NBCI Bobwhite Seminars
NBCI has centralized Bobwhite seminars. Here are links to those seminars.
Northern bobwhite quail and many other grassland bird species have experienced significant population declines over the last several decades. Loss of native ...
Herbicides are an important tool in both forest and wildlife management in the south and particularly in southern pine management. The common practice of heavy ...
Viewers will learn about native vegetation’s applicability to a myriad of conservation practices beyond wildlife uses through an exploration of the supporting ...
In this webinar, Steve Chapman, NBCI Forestry Coordinator, will discuss pine forest management opportunities and practices that can not only help to bring back ...
Bobwhite Quail Seminar Series
Video series from the 2019 Bobwhite Management Seminars
Bobwhite history and biology
Dr. Cory Heaton of Clemson University talks about bobwhite biology and history with a focus on habitat requirements. If you think the bobwhite decline is due ...
Native plants and bobwhites
Why are native plants so vital to bobwhites? TJ Savereno of Clemson Extension answers this question and gives a solid introduction to each type of plant and ...
Forest Management for bobwhites
Trees play an important role in the well-being of bobwhites. Michael Hook of the SCDNR talks about how to manage forested land for both bobwhites and dollars.
Managing agricultural land for quail
Cropland used to be synonymous with bobwhite whistles in South Carolina. As Ted Rainwater, Quail Forever Farm Bill Biologist, explains, there a many things a ...
Use of fire in quail management
Prescribed fire is the most useful tool in a quail manager's toolbox. SCDNR biologist Dan Peeples discusses the ins and outs of burning, how it benefits quail ...
Supplemental planting for quail
Food plots can be helpful for bobwhites but only if they're done properly. Marion Barnes of Clemson Extension talks about what to plant, where to plant it and ...
Cost Share Programs for landowners
Creating bobwhite habitat doesn't have to be expensive. SCDNR biologist Andy Krieg explains the ins and outs of a few cost share programs that are available to ...
What exactly is the SC Bobwhite Initiative?
SCDNR biologist Breck Carmichael talks about the history of the SCBI, what it does and how it is working to bring back the whistle in South Carolina.
Tractors and accidents
From seasonal discing to cutting fire breaks to planting or spraying, a tractor is a staple in bobwhite habitat management. Marion Barnes talks about how to ...
Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies
State, provincial, and territorial fish and wildlife agencies in North America have safeguarded fish and wildlife for over 100 years. The public entrusts these ...
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