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Landfire Lead ImageLANDFIRE (LF), Landscape Fire and Resource Management Planning Tools, is a shared program between the wildland fire management programs of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service and U.S. Department of the Interior, providing landscape scale geo-spatial products to support cross-boundary planning, management, and operations.The LANDFIRE Program began because of increased concern about the number, severity, and size of wildland fires and the need for consistent national biological/ecological inventory data. Over the past decade, LANDFIRE data have become a critical piece to wildland fire and fuels treatment research, modeling, and planning tools as well as operational support for wildland fire management. LANDFIRE data are crucial to fire modeling to support both operational decision making and fuels planning.

LANDFIRE as a program produces national scale, spatial products that represents the best available contiguous data for the United States. LANDFIRE data characterize the current states of vegetation, fuels, fire regimes, and disturbances. Additional products include reference data, land management activities databases, and ecological models.

LANDFIRE data is not in itself a mapping application, however it is used in many mapping applications, including those related to wildland fire. The LANDFIRE Web-Hosted Applications Map (WHAM!) is an online, interactive map that shows many of the applications and partners that use LANDFIRE products.