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What Can I do on Landscape Partnership?

Portal Services

Set up your Landscape Partnership Portal space

Member Dashboard completely customizable
My Favorites Folder Save content found throughout the portal
My Folder Personal Online office space
Set up Personal Preferences
Create a Member Profile

Visit the Community

Edit your Profile

Group Collaboration Support

Request a Group
Join A Group
Request Development of a Nested or Standalone Portal or website
Communication Blogs, discussions, Forums,
Content Curating Services


Become an LP Member

Training and Online Learning

Join an Online Course
Request Course or Web Based Toolkit Development Support
Request Space to Launch an Online Course
Request Learning Network Space to Store Training Materials
Request Webinars Support or Hosting

Online Learning Management System
All Training

Browse and Share Resources

Document, Video and/ or other Multi Media Archives
Current News, Events, Publications
GIS Decision Support Tools and Maps
Project, Program, or Initiative Library Space
Recommend Featured Content
Recommend Video Spotlights

News & Events